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Locally Owned Ready Mix Solutions with a Personal Touch

Quick Mix Concrete is a local veteran-owned (SDVOSB) company offering a wide array of ready mix concrete services. Our two ready mix concrete services are Mini Mix and Mobile Mix.

Mini Mix delivery is the Small Job Expert, typically requiring 3.5 cubic yards or less of concrete and those hard-to-reach jobs. Mini Mix trucks are smaller drum mixing trucks than standard concrete trucks, making them perfect for tight or hard-to-reach areas. Despite their compact size, they can deliver high-quality concrete mixtures, including specialized blends, such as 3,000 psi mixes or DOT AA-approved types. They are an excellent choice for projects like small patios, sidewalks, or projects that don’t require a large volume of concrete.

Mobile Mix: On-Site percision with On-Demand Flexibility! When precision and flexibility are paramount, our Mobile Mix service excels. Our specialized mixing trucks bring all the raw ingredients directly to your job site, mixing them on the spot for the freshest concrete possible. This on-site mixing technology is perfect for any job size, and ideal for multiple mix designs on the same day, ensuring no waste and no premature setting. With Mobile Mix, we bring the plant to you, offering customizable, fresh, and ready-on-arrival concrete.

At Quick Mix Concrete stands by the principle that ‘Quality Materials Count‘ ensuring each client receives the highest standard of ready mix concrete solutions. With a mantra of ‘We Have Your Pour,’ we offer a diverse range of products designed to meet the exacting demands of any project. Our portfolio includes DOT AA-approved mixes, Flowable Fill, Line Pump Mixes, and versatile standard concrete blends with strengths from 3,000 to 5,000 psi. Serving the utility, commercial, residential, and industrial sectors, we are your trusted partner for reliable, high-quality pours. Rely on Quick Mix Concrete, where the integrity of your pour is our priority, and quality materials make all the difference.